Stop Blak deaths in custody
Stop the destruction of sacred sites
Stop removing children from their families
Stop the ecocide
Stop the genocide 

Start listening
Start giving land back

Start treaty making
Start healing
Start paying the rent 

2021 is a time of great change and upheaval. It is hard and unsettling, but with courage and commitment we can choose to make this a turning point.

Each of us has a part to play in the growing movement for justice. Our actions today are creating the future. What do your actions say about the future you want?

What if we stopped just acknowledging sovereignty and started living like it was real? It can be hard to imagine what that future would look like in practical terms, so let’s start small:

Turn up
Pay the Rent⇓

For One-Off payments – click here

“Pay The Rent offers all Australians an opportunity to work outside of government to right the wrongs.”

Ted Wilkes

life-time fighter for Aboriginal rights & Nyungar elder of the Wilak clan

“Pay the Rent is from grassroots for grassroots. No strings attached to government agenda. It assists Sovereign grassroots fight the many campaigns and struggles we face everyday.”

Lidia Thorpe

Indigenous activist

“We all exist on lands which have never been ceded. Righting the past wrongs is a social responsibility we all share. Proud advocate of Pay The Rent.”

Hana Assafiri OAM

founder, Moroccan Soup Bar

“We need to stop paying lip service to decolonisation and start Paying The Rent to the First Nations people.”

Clementine Ford

Author & commentator

“Our children are our future. We need to look after our future. Pay the Rent Grassroots. The best group out.”

Auntie Rieo

Staunch Jinaburrah/Bundjalung elder, Senior GMAR Victoria & activist for Justice & Equity